Shades of Orange

Something I have had to learn and accept as a lead pastor is there are many variations of Orange. When we started Discovery Church in Southern California six years ago, the only Orange hue we knew was North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA. The good news is North Point was a very vibrant hue. The bad news is North Point was a very vibrant hue! I quickly came to realize that when you compare what you know about your church to what you don’t know about another church, you will... Read More

When the whole church gets involved

Here’s a story from Jennifer Day, Children’s Pastor at the multi-site Cross Timbers Community Church in Texas. Check out the great things they’re doing for families! Here at Cross Timbers Community Church, we are gearing up for CT Kids Live, our summer experience for kids hosted on all three of our campuses. Monday through Wednesday, three-year-olds through fifth graders will come to this new experience that includes a live worship band each evening. While our kids enjoy... Read More

Plugging in this weekend

Break out your sparklers, folks (but only if they’re legal in your area, please) – Independence Day is this Saturday! In your plugging-in time with children this Sunday, ask about their favorite part of the July 4 holiday and help them understand a little bit about our nation’s history. Here are a few ideas: – Explain why we celebrate our independence from England. – Teach them about the symbolism on the American flag. – Remind them that the fireworks we... Read More