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How To Utilize High School Students As Volunteers

Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Front Page, Students | 0 comments

by Jeremy Zach Spiritual growth and serving are connected. Most students who get spiritually stuck need avenues to do something significant. If we as student pastors want to keep moving students in a better direction we must create consistent opportunities for our students to serve. Over the past few years, there has been a lot of research aimed at why it’s so important for students to serve. The book, Sticky Faith, found that the more students serve and build relationships with younger students, the more likely it is that their faith will stick. Sociologists of religion have found a correlation between church growth and youth involvement that is consistent...

Use This Tool To Lead Up In Your Church

Posted by on May 19, 2016 in Front Page, Weekly | 0 comments

by Bre Hallberg Leading up is one of those elusive ministry phrases that we like to use a lot as leaders (see also: “doing life together”). But much like the Loch Ness Monster or a Sunday where every volunteer shows up early, prepared, and bearing gifts of caffeinated joy for you, it’s not something that just exists or happens naturally. Leading up is something that you have to work at, something that can change the way you lead and influence others if you’ll learn to master it. Leading up is simply this: it’s a way for you to influence those who influence others. It’s going to look different in...

Creating An Authentically Healthy Volunteer Culture

Posted by on May 18, 2016 in Front Page, Volunteers | 0 comments

by Tammy Helfrich You work really hard to create a healthy culture in your organization. You want your staff to be working toward the mission, and you want everything in your environment to be done really well. But do you take time to focus on the culture of your volunteers? Chances are, you need volunteers in your organization in order to make things run smoothly. In many ministries, volunteers are the backbone of how you get anything done. You would be lost without them. But we often don’t consider our volunteers when looking at our overall plan of creating a healthy culture. If you have volunteers who are contributing...

Tips For Structuring A Volunteer Team

Posted by on May 17, 2016 in Front Page, Volunteers | 0 comments

by Barbara Graves Volunteers! They are the lifeblood of ministry and without them programs, projects and church in general would come to a screeching halt very quickly. The significance of these individuals cannot be overstated because they don’t just serve the church—they are the church. And if they are healthy, the church will be healthy! As volunteers sign up to serve within our ministries, it falls to us as leaders to help them find the right place to plug in. How we structure our volunteer team is vitally important. When we have recruited well, resourced well, and cared well for our volunteers, not only will great ministry take place,...

Surfing On Change

Posted by on May 16, 2016 in Front Page, Ministry Leaders | 0 comments

by Brooklyn Lindsey “Your ability to navigate and tolerate change and its painful uncomfortableness directly correlates to your happiness and general well-being. See what I just did there? I saved you thousands of dollars on self-help books. If you can surf your life rather than plant your feet, you will be happier.” ― Amy Poehler, Yes Please I love this quote. But, have you ever tried surfing? It’s frustrating and difficult, because the waves never stay the same. And, without something solid to stand on, like a surfboard, it’s impossible. We need a steady. We need a focus. We need a thing that doesn’t change when other things do....

Trusting Volunteers To Do What They Think Is Best

Posted by on May 13, 2016 in Front Page, Volunteers |

by Ronne Rock It was the week of Easter, and things weren’t going well. Rain threatened to flood the tent that was being beaten by cold wind. Outside, staffers who normally would be working on fine details of programming were digging ditches and stacking sandbags in a desperate attempt to divert water. The long hours and difficult set-up had already taken their toll on normally strong leaders. A team of volunteers charged with building decor for the stage walked into the midst of the wet and weariness and asked for direction. In that moment, there was none to be offered. Instead, they heard two sentences. “We trust you. Do...

Staff Your Culture

Posted by on May 12, 2016 in Weekly | 0 comments

by Gina McClain Have you ever watched a team of Kindergartners play soccer? It’s comical. Arguably the most disorganized sport on the planet. I remember my daughter’s first experience with soccer. Like a miniature version of the Women’s U.S. Soccer Team, these girls looked fierce in their matching jerseys and soccer socks with their ponytails swinging behind them. They meant business. Yet watching these young, Olympic hopefuls on the field was a far cry from the real U.S. team. There were no strategic passes, targeted shots or daring headshots into the opponents’ goal. It was nothing more than a massive cluster of ponytails meandering across the field as the...

Volunteer, You Are The Awesome Secret Sauce

Posted by on May 11, 2016 in Front Page, Volunteers | 0 comments

by Misty Phillips Dear Volunteer, Thank you. Thank you for being on the frontlines of ministry each week. You play a unique role to help shape the future of a child’s life. There are not enough thank-you cards to say how grateful we are. Week by week, you plant and share God’s Truth in a relational way kids can put into practice. You prepare before you arrive on Sunday. You meet kids in their world to help them talk through and embrace faith. Thank you for choosing to develop relationships with kids to have influence in their lives. Thank you for taking the time to be your own student...

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