Updates to the Parent Cue App and Social Media Plan

It’s a new year in First Look world, and with a new year comes change. One change we’re super excited about is our newly designed Parent Cue App.

Now, you may not have had the old Parent Cue App, but we STRONGLY encourage you to get the new one and to prompt the parents of your preschoolers to do so as well.

Here’s the best part about the newly designed Parent Cue App – IT’S FREE! That’s right! Just go to the Apple store or the Google Play store and download it for FREE! Did I mention that it was free!?

The Parent Cue App will continue to provide parents with the weekly Wonder video so they can watch it again and again with their preschoolers. In addition, it provides one weekly cue of an activity they can do with their child.

What’s incredible about these cues is that they vary by phase. That’s right! Parents input the ages of their children, and the app conforms specifically for the phase of each child. How awesome is that!? Where a baby might have a “Feeding Time” cue, a four-year-old will have a “Drive Time” cue. In addition, to the Time Cues, the bottom line, and memory verse, parents receive a bit of phase knowledge each week written specifically for the age their preschooler is right now.

We are so excited to get all of this phase information into the hands of parents around the world.

Because the Parent Cue App is now free and we want to encourage families to access this amazing resource, we have changed the link provided in our Social Media Plan. In the past, we’ve provided a link for parents to watch the video with their preschooler for our Monday Tweet or Facebook. Now, we are providing a link for parents to download the Parent Cue App if they have not already. There, they are not only able to watch the Wonder video, but will also receive all the other awesome phase materials.

While the intention of the video link provided in the past was not for leaders to download and post the video itself anywhere, we realize that people may have done so. Now, if you want to post the weekly video to a SECURE website or LOCKED Facebook group, you are welcome to use the Wonder video you purchased from the Orange Store or through the download matrix.

We want our preschool parents to have the best of everything we have to offer them, which is why we are so excited about this newly designed Parent Cue App and reminding parents to use it each week through the social media plan. We can’t wait to hear about how much your parents love it too.

For more information on the Parent Cue App, click here.

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