Social Media Plan for Reaching Parents Starting June 30, 2019

Here is the First Look Social Media Plan for influencing parents to interact with their preschoolers. If you missed the first post explaining our plan, please click here.  The following information will be 7 tweets/Facebook posts, 2 pictures or ideas for Instagram, and 2 articles to pin on Pinterest.  Feel free to use any and all of this information but don’t feel tied to these updates word for word.  These are simply examples that you could copy and paste if you wanted or you can add your own personality.  These posts should start going out on Sunday, June 30, 2019. This is considered week five of the June curriculum. If you have any questions, suggestions, or even content that other people could use to help influence parents for this week then please leave your comments below the post.

Facebook and Twitter:
Sunday: In today’s Bible story, a Samaritan man chooses to be kind to someone who is different than him. Jesus gives us the power to be kind too. Watch the video on the App]

Monday: Play hospital with your child’s toys and bandages (toilet paper). As your child tends to the toys’ wounds, ask your child how each toy is different. Talk about how we can show kindness to people who are different than us, just like the Samaritan did.

Tuesday:  As a parent, it’s your job to speak with clarity. Not because your kids will take advantage of you all the time, but because it helps set boundaries. It helps clearly communicate expectations. It makes obeying a lot easier. Clarity is a gift you give your kids and yourself.

Wednesday: Ask your child to say the memory verse with you! “I can do everything by the power of Christ.” Philippians 4:13, NIrV

Thursday:  Most of your day is probably rush, rush, rushing. Take advantage of those rare slow-down-and-wait moments with your kids (doctors’ offices, restaurants, etc.) by striking up a tic-tac-toe tournament, teaching them the lost art of The Dot Game, or playing another simple game you have on hand.

Friday: Here’s a sneak peek at what your preschoolers will be learning in July:

Saturday: Cuddle with your child and pray, “Dear God, You are so kind. You are kind to every person, no matter who they are. Thank You for the story of the Good Samaritan. Help us be kind to everyone the way he was kind to the hurt man. In Jesus’ name, amen.”



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