Social Media Plan for Reaching Parents Starting January 27, 2019

Here is the First Look Social Media Plan for influencing parents to interact with their preschoolers. If you missed the first post explaining our plan, please click here.  The following information will be 7 tweets/Facebook posts, 2 pictures or ideas for Instagram, and 2 articles to pin on Pinterest.  Feel free to use any and all of this information but don’t feel tied to these updates word for word.  These are simply examples that you could copy and paste if you wanted or you can add your own personality.  These posts should start going out on Sunday, January 27, 2019. This is considered week four of the January curriculum. If you have any questions, suggestions, or even content that other people could use to help influence parents for this week then please leave your comments below the post.

Facebook and Twitter:
Sunday: The disciples were scared when a storm rocked their boat, but Jesus helped them and stopped the storm. Watch the video on the App

Monday: Stand over a sink. Poke holes in the bottom of a plastic cup. Allow your child to fill the cup with water and watch it “rain.” Talk about how some people are scared when it rains. Ask, “What scares you?” Say, “We can talk to Jesus when we’re scared.”

Tuesday: Parent guilt is widespread and ever present in the minds of most parents. It’s an underlying dread that maybe you’re not a good enough parent. But there’s a truth you need to understand:

Wednesday: Using a toy boat, tell your child to act out Jesus calming the storm. Make waves with his hands, say “Stop!” and then freeze his hands. Once the water is calm, tell him to do it again. Talk about how Jesus helped the disciples and He will help us too.

Thursday: Take some time this week to reach out to another parent in the same phase as you. Sharing the daily struggles of parenting littles with can make it feel a little more bearable. Remind yourselves often that you are doing a great and important work!

Friday: Here’s a sneak peek at what your preschoolers will be learning in February:

Saturday: Cuddle up with your child and pray, “Dear God, thank You for giving us Jesus to help us. Help us remember to ask Jesus for help when we need it. (Ask your child if there is anything he wants to ask Jesus to help him with.) In Jesus’ name, amen.”




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