Social Media Plan for Reaching Parents Starting August 12, 2018

When we want to connect with parents of the kids in our ministry, it makes sense to go where they already are. That’s why strategically using social media platforms to communicate with parents makes so much sense. Simply copy and paste these prepared posts in your ministry’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts each day. Or, schedule your Facebook and Twitter posts using the application Hootsuite.

These posts are designed to review the lesson, so plan for them to appear in your ministry’s social media accounts after you’ve taught the lesson in your ministry. Also, if you share social media accounts with other ministries in your organization, coordinate with them to develop a plan for when to schedule posts and how to designate the intended audience.

Facebook and Twitter:
Sunday: Naaman showed us in today’s Bible story that we can do what God says, even when it’s hard. Watch the video on the App to see how God’s way is perfect.

Monday:  Take out a large number of an item (crayons, Goldfish, cotton balls, etc.). Count aloud together as you put them in groups of 7. Say, “God told Naaman to wash in the river 7 times. It was hard, but Naaman did it, and his skin was made all better!”

Every family rhythm looks different. Here’s how one parent leveraged meal time to have meaningful conversations with her preschoolers.

Wednesday:  As you drive, ask your child to guess which way you will go by pointing in that direction. When you get where you are going say, “Good job guessing! When we go God’s way we don’t have to guess if it’s right because God’s way is perfect!”

Thursday:  Your words matter. This week, focus on greeting and leaving your preschooler with warm words of encouragement and love.

Friday: Enjoy doing the memory verse hand motions at home with this video:

Saturday: Cuddle with your child & pray, “Dear God, thank You for this day with [child’s name]. I am so glad you gave him/her to me. Please help us do what You say, even when it’s hard. We know Your way is always best. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”




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