Setting the Stage – Zig Zag Zone (October 2017)

We know things are going to happen in our preschoolers’ lives where they will need God’s help—times when their lives will zig one way and then zag another. We want them to grow up believing that God loves them and can help them anywhere, with anything, no matter how hard it may be. He can even help them help others! This month, we’ll learn about the life of David and how even when it zigged and zagged, God was there to help him.

Welcome to the Zig Zag Zone!! Does that sound fun or what? Now, it’s time to make it look just as fun for your preschoolers. Fill your halls with pennants, arrows, cones, caution tape, and lots of fun Z shapes. Don’t forget to use the images found in the Environment Art file we provide.

Create Zig Zags down the hallway using different color gaff or painters tape. Be sure to talk to your facilities team to see if they have any cones to spare!

Use the colors of the theme art to decorate your welcome center. Enlarge the “Zig Zag Zone” logo and put it front and center. Then, surround it with different colored Z’s. You can even add a pennant banner for more flair.

Fill the corners of your stage with cones and drape caution tape between them. Have large arrows facing in all directions on the walls as well as lots of flags. For the final accents, cut Z’z out of multiple colors of cardstock.

Visit the October 2017 Zig Zag Zone board on Pinterest for more ideas on decorating your environments!

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