Setting the Stage – Watch This (January 2018)

Pretty much anything a preschooler can do falls into the WATCH THIS category, simply because they think anything they learn how to do deserves a WATCH THIS moment.  

This month we’re going to run with that theme and the words ‘WATCH THIS!’ will be said . . . A LOT! We want to invite preschoolers to WATCH THIS as we do a few impressive things so we can lead them to the ONE who can do ANYTHING!

It’s time to get excited about all that Jesus can do. The imagery for this month is bright colors and patterns and lots of colors and sizes of sunglasses to remind us to watch. Why not hang large dollar store glasses from ceiling? Pull the colors from the theme art and hang different patterns on the wall.

Use a colorful tablecloth for our Welcome Center this month. Use big sunglasses and the theme colors to decorate around your sign in sheets.

Use the bright these colors to decorate your stage this month. You’re also going to need an experiment table and experiment kit. Don’t forget that lab coat for your host to wear!

Visit the January 2018 “Watch This” board on Pinterest for more ideas on decorating your environments!



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