Setting the Stage – Super Kids (September 2017)

It’s time for Super Kids! This is a favorite for both preschoolers and volunteers alike and there is no shortage of ways you can decorate your environment! Use our environment art fill your halls with Super Kid words. Fill your space with streamers and mylar balloons as you celebrate the super kids that fill your hallways. Create a city skyline in your hallways using black butcher paper or  create a 3-D skyline with black cardboard boxes with yellow paper cutouts for windows. Decorate with primary colors to carry the comic book look.

Use the colors of the theme art to decorate your welcome center. Enlarge the “Super Kids” logo and put it front and center. Then, add super kids words to your space. Add capes to your pens and masks to your clipboards.

Decorate the walls of your stage with Super Kid words and enlarge the Bible story characters provided to create standing figures. These will be great to introduce each character and to review each one. Add a coat rack with various Super Kid capes and masks to give a pop of color.

You can find more decorating ideas over on our Pinterest Board!

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