Setting the Stage – Power Up (June and July 2019)

Have you ever played PAC-MAN? The best part of that game is eating the large power pellets. Pac-Man immediately powers up, and then you can do anything. The bad guys can’t get you! You can eat them and earn bonus points doing it! It’s awesome!

Feeling like we can do anything is a pretty great feeling. We may not have power pellets lying around that we can eat to power up, but we do have another power source—a real power source that gives us the power to do everything God wants us to do. His name is Jesus. And, He is AMAZING!

We are going to Power Up through the next two months with the hope of creating a super fun and engaging experience for preschoolers to learn about the fruit of the spirit—what happens when we are connected to Jesus, the real power source.

The Welcome Center and Hallway
It’s time to Power Up! We want to decorate with things that kids will recognize or enjoy looking at. Think the bright, bold colors of Super Mario Bros. Blue skies, mountains and clouds can be easily made from paper and adhered to walls. Fun, colorful arrow can tell preschoolers which way to go. Shape patterns in multiple colors invite preschoolers to continue them. Colorful boxes invite them to come on in and play.

Boxes wrapped in bright colored paper or made to look like they are covered in brick can help draw attention and invite families in. Solid colored mylar balloons are a great way to attract people to the check-in table. Cover the table with a bright tablecloth and place a small game as a focal point.

Visit the June/July 2019 Power Up board on Pinterest for more ideas on decorating your environments!

The Stage
Fill your stage with colorful boxes arranged in varying heights and patterns. Make multiple colored arrows that point in every direction to decorate the walls. Gather bunches of mylar balloons in varying shapes and colors to add pops of dimension around the stage.

The fonts used in First Look curriculum are: Avenir and Archer Pro
The complimentary font for this month’s theme is: IDroid Regular

Spotify Playlist
We created a Spotify playlist featuring our First Look songs for you to use in your environments and share with parents.

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