Setting the Stage – Jesus is #1 (April 2017)

Jesus is #1! He’s the best! We’re so excited to celebrate Him this month. And, that’s what you’re environment should look like—a celebration. Think a tailgate party with foam fingers and pom-poms and pennants that say “Jesus is #1.” Or, how about jumping off the theme art and filling the walls with stars of all colors and sizes.

Remember that Easter is in the middle of the month so you’ll want your environments to be bright, cheery, and welcoming. Be sure to spruce up the place before Easter Sunday so it shines for all the new friends you’ll be welcoming that day.

First Look provides monthly Theme Art as well as Environment Art for your preschool areas in the Monthly Visuals tab on the download matrix. Be sure to download these files to help you prepare your environments for this month’s theme: Jesus is #1

If you would like to edit or incorporate this month’s theme art in your own designs, the Customizable Art File is available for purchase from the Orange Store or in the Premium Enhancements area of the download matrix.

Month to month, First Look activity pages and designed files use the fonts: Avenir and Archer Pro.

The font used in this month’s theme art is: HandTIMES Regular.

We’ve gathered additional ideas for your preschool environments on our Pinterest board: Be sure to check them out!

We can’t wait to see what you do this month as you teach preschoolers that: Jesus is the best!

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