Setting the Stage – Count With Me (September 2019)

When is the last time you took the time to really look at everything God made? Taking a moment to take a walk outside or look up the wonders of the world online will totally change the way you share this month’s Bible stories with preschoolers. We need that WONDER dial turned way up! ALL the way up! And the best way to do that is to experience some of that wonder!

When we take the time to look at this amazing world God made, we are filled with awe and wonder. It’s that feeling of wonder we want our preschoolers to have as they learn about God’s creation. We are going to do a lot of counting together this month—one, two, three, four, five, six, seven—pausing to learn what God made on each day of creation. Through our fun and exciting activities and stories we want our preschoolers to learn God made everything, and IT IS GOOD!

The Welcome Center and Hallway
It’s time to count the days of creation! Bring God’s beautiful creation inside by filling corners with plush animal friends or beautiful plants.

Use light blue tablecloths to create the sky and add fluffs of cotton for clouds. Use a dark blue tablecloth to create a sea and add paper sea animals. Create trees and vines from butcher paper to line the halls. Hang the sun, moon, and stars from the ceiling.

Cover your welcome table with a green tablecloth. Add some small plush animal friends or a basket of flowers. Add mason jars with pens you’ve created into flowers.

Visit the September 2019 Count With Me board on Pinterest for more ideas on decorating your environments!

The Stage
Be sure to read the Stage Script to see several ideas for creating your Creation Numbers. Fill the rest of the space with all kinds of things that God made­—which is everything!

The fonts used in First Look curriculum are: Avenir and Archer Pro
The font for this month’s theme is handwritten, but a complementary font is: KG Ten Thousand Reasons

Spotify Playlist
We created a Spotify playlist featuring our First Look songs for you to use in your environments and share with parents.

AD Space