Setting the Stage – Birthday Bash (December 2018)

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Yes, we know that Christmas is all about Jesus’ birthday, but do your preschoolers know? It will be a new idea to some of them. We have the best jobs in the world because we get to share with preschoolers for the first time that Christmas is all about Jesus’ birthday! Jesus has a birthday? Yep! He sure does! And, we are going to celebrate it BIG!

We also want our preschoolers to know that the reason we celebrate Jesus’ birthday is because Jesus is God’s Son. God’s Son deserves a celebration as big as Christmas and a birthday bash as big as what we’re going to give Him this month! He is that special!

So, gather up all the birthday celebration you can and prepare to party all month long! It’s not just balloons and party hats. We are sharing the true story that God gave us His only Son, Jesus, and HE is worth celebrating!

The Welcome Center & Hallway
This month we’re throwing the best birthday party ever. It’s Jesus’ birthday, and we need to celebrate! Think about the most festive child’s birthday party you’ve attended and try to recreate that in your hallways. There should be streamers, mylar balloons, and party hats hanging from the ceiling. If you typically line your halls with trees and wreaths this time of year, incorporate the birthday party theme into their decoration too. Make sure the ornaments are bright and colorful and use streamers rather than tinsel.

Cover your welcome center tables with a fun, birthday table cloth. Tape party blowers to the ends of your pens. Create a fun “Happy Birthday Jesus” banner for the front of the table.

Visit the December 2018 Birthday Bash board on Pinterest for more ideas on decorating your environments!

The Stage
It’s a birthday party and Christmas all in one! We recommend a Christmas tree on your stage decorated with colorful streamers, party blowers, fun hats and more. Don’t forget the mylar Happy Birthday balloons!

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The font used in this month’s theme is: Sunshiney Regular

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