Preschool Music Strategy 2017-2018

We are SO extremely excited about our new music strategy for First Look and our preschool families. We all know how important music is for preschoolers so we are partnering with you, your leaders, and your families to have an even greater impact!

Worship Leaders!
We all know that preschool worship does not exactly look like “Big Church” or even elementary worship. Preschoolers want to jump, and clap, and move to worship God with their WHOLE body! Let’s be real, leading preschool worship is more like leading a jazzercise class…. so pull out those leg warmers and get ready for fun!

Our BRAND NEW Preschool Worship album, “Everybody Sing!” has twelve songs that will make your smallest to your tallest want to get up and dance! The best part is we even have a BRAND NEW Dance Moves DVD to go with it! Every video shows the dance moves and even includes lyrics across the bottom so the kids and leaders can sing along while following the motions with the video. We know it can be hard to find those people that are comfortable getting up in front to sing in front of a crowd, so we have given you a built in worship leader with energy!

Don’t you just love hearing your kids singing all the way home from church or school? And isn’t it funny and sometimes a little frustrating when we don’t know what it is they are saying? Well we are on your team! The songs that your kids will be singing for the next ten months are all on one album! You can purchase this album at the Orange store, Amazon Music, or iTunes. Plug it into your phone or car and sing along with your kids. You may even want to start a dance party! And, we promise you will enjoy these songs too as they are sung over, and over, and over…

Church Leaders!
To conclude, we have ONE BIG STRATEGY in mind here. Your worship leaders can be preparing all year long since you now have the songs that you will be using each month for this next school year. No surprises here. We know that you have to plan and be overly prepared as ministry leaders, so we want to help you! You can download the songs and videos or purchase the new Dance Moves DVD to give to your worship leaders so they can be practicing at home.

If you don’t want to purchase the songs in advance, you will still get one song each month with your First Look subscription. If you chose to include the premium media package (once it is available), you will also get the dance moves video for the song each month. In addition, we know you want to partner with parents, and we want to help! Now your families can download your Sunday music from Amazon Music or iTunes. If you have a bookstore, you can even resell the CDs there so ALL of your families can be singing along together. The best part is, every time they sing, they are tucking away God’s truths that will stick with them forever!

Now let’s combine forces to make one eternal impact!

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