July 2019 Editor’s Notes

Hello, First Look Friends!

This month, we will continue with our Power Up theme as we learn how Jesus gives us the power to love others—and not just the ones who are easy to love. No, this kind of power is what helps us love everyone! This powerful kind of love looks a lot like goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Week one, we will learn that when Jesus is our friend, He gives us the power to show GOODNESS to others. Showing goodness to people is a great way to love them! Who doesn’t like a little goodness? When we know Jesus, we can give our best to our friends and family.

Week two is an amazing story about how Peter’s friends showed him how much they loved him by being FAITHFUL to pray for him. They didn’t give up. I can’t wait for you to hear how the love of Peter’s friends actually got him out of jail! When Jesus is your friend, He gives you the power to be faithful. Jesus helps us be faithful and stick to it!

Week three we will hear a story about a time when Jesus was GENTLE with a woman whom most people treated very harshly. If you ever want to know how gentle love is, look no further than Jesus. He is the perfect example of gentleness in both word and action. When Jesus is your friend, He gives you the power to be gentle. Jesus can help us be gentle when we talk and play with our friends and family.

Week four we will learn that just because a person is young, it doesn’t mean they can’t have SELF-CONTROL. Jesus gives us the power to do that too! And let’s face it, we could all use a little more power when it comes to self-control. We can all have self-control when we know Jesus.

Our hope is that in the midst of playing games and laughing, connecting with friends and spending time with small group leaders, talking with parents at home and driving down the road, our preschoolers will learn how much Jesus wants to help them be all that God made them to be. Everything that Jesus is—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control—is available to us. All we have to do is plug into the power source and POWER UP!

Don’t forget about the awesome Power Up Family Experience that is available in the JUNE curriculum. You’ll want to be sure to spend some time reviewing that so you can implement it this summer.

We have a very special Ollie Power Up Coloring Book for June and July! It is available now in the Orange Store. Ollie will take our preschool friends through the Bottom Line, Basic Truth, and Memory Verse for Power Up as well as each weekly idea they are learning. Be sure to look for the picture of Ollie on each page. He’s hiding on some!

Manny and Poppy are in the clubhouse this month continuing to enjoy their new Power Up video game console! They’ve discovered some pretty awesome games that help Ollie teach them about the fruit of the spirit. You can find their stories on the Wonder! DVD this month. The DVD is available at The Orange Store, and you can even sign up for a monthly subscription. Use this DVD to supplement a live Storyteller and/or Host for the Story section of the curriculum. In addition, the Wonder! videos are available in the monthly media package.

July’s Preview Video is available in the July download­—it is located in the week one Prelude file. If you’d like to embed the video into your church blog, we have it available on Vimeo.Feel free to share the vision with everyone!

Our team will be praying for you to have moments filled with wonder as you give preschoolers a “first look” at the God who made them, loves them, and wants to be their friend forever.

Kathy Hill
Director of Preschool Curriculum
The reThink Group

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