God Made Everything

When my kids were preschoolers, much of our days were spent learning about the world around us. Everything was new to them. Everything! Learning began with me simply pointing to things and naming them. Once they developed their own words, “What’s that?” was asked daily followed by “Where did it come from?”

I’m sure the same it true for the preschoolers in your life. It truly is a WONDER-ful time of life. It’s also the perfect time to begin teaching children that God made everything. Imagine every child growing up seeing the world through eyes that truly believe God made everything.

Every raindrop.
Every flower.
Every animal.
Every star.
Every bug.
And most importantly, every person.

How would that change the lives of those children?
The way they value the world and everything in it.
The way they value the people in it.
The way they value themselves.

When we teach children that God made everything, we are giving them a gift. We are igniting wonder that already lives in them and we’re helping shape a sense of appreciation for the world God has created.

It’s not just a cloud. It’s a cloud God made.
It’s not just a planet. It’s a planet God made.
He’s not just a boy. He’s a boy God made.

When I wrote The Creation Story, the idea was to give preschoolers a resource that would answer their “What’s that?” and “Where did it come from?” questions and give parents an easy go to, to help them answer those questions in a way that is Biblically accurate, age appropriate and fun for preschoolers.

These simple questions that preschoolers ask give us countless opportunities to point them to God every day.

“What’s that?”
“That’s a flower.
“Where did it come from?”
“God made flowers.”

“What’s that?”
“That’s a bumblebee.”
“Where did it come from?”
“God made bumblebees.”

 “What’s that?”
“That’s a fish.”
“Where did it come from?”
“God made fish.”

Conversations like these can be as easy as breathing in and out. But it’s more than just learning the names of things and who made them. When we take the time to teach preschoolers that God made everything we are helping them understand that,

if God made it, then it must be special.
if God made everything, God can do anything.
if God made every person in His image, then every person is loved by Him and can teach me something about Him.

Imagine preschoolers growing up into adults who believe that God making something automatically gives whatever it is – or whoever they are – tremendous value.

Seeing the world we live in and everything in it, every person in it, as wonderful creations of God, loved and valued simply because they are His creations is what we hope and pray for every preschooler. Over time, this simple basic truth can enable children to care for their world, appreciate the beauty around them and love all people. Which is why it is so important that we begin, at the earliest age possible, to teach our children that God made everything and everyone.

So whether you’re outside exploring the world hand-in-hand or cuddled up with The Creation Story, I pray the preschoolers in your life will over time embrace the truth that God made everything. It truly is a life-changing gift.

You can purchase The Creation Story for your preschool environments at OrangeStore.org. These can even be purchased in bulk for you to give your each or your preschoolers as you study God’s creation. 

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