First Look Social Media Plan: Starting in April!!!

Everyone wants to be happy, happy, happy. But more often, today’s parents are busy, busy, busy. We want to help you help your parents be as happy as they are busy.

When parents feel like they have been able to engage with their children during the week, they are happy. Parents leave your environment with their Parent CUE in hand, fully intending to do each activity provided. They download the Parent CUE App so they are at the ready each and every day.

Unfortunately, parents are often met with the demands of everyday life, get distracted and forget to look at their Parent CUE.

Now you can help them remember!

Beginning in April, First Look will offer you a weekly social media plan you can use to encourage your families during the week. We will give you multiple options so that no matter what social networking site your parents favor, you will be able to meet them there.

Each week, we will provide:

  • 6 Tweets
  • 3 Facebook posts
  • 2 Instagram pictures or ideas
  • 2 Pinnable links

We will post the social media plan each Tuesday for the following week on the blog. That gives you time to plan ahead and schedule your posts. You can simply copy and paste them into your church’s social media accounts, press post and instantly connect with families.

You are engaged with your parents.

Your parents are engaged with their children.

Children are engaged with the wonder of God.

All week long.

Happy. Happy. Happy.


How do you plan to use the Social Media Plan?

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