First Look :: Seven Segments

There are seven days in a week, seven wonders of the world, and now, Seven Segments of First Look!

First Look curriculum is getting smarter, kinder, and louder by taking on a new structure. If you are familiar with 252 Kids, this will not be a surprise to you. But, now that the First Look curriculum is going to look a bit different, we want to take some time to break it down for you.

Don’t worry, our curriculum is still jam packed with great, fun activities for preschoolers! In fact, we’ve only added more to help make your job and privilege of working with God’s most precious preschoolers easier.

Seven Segments means seven new words to help define each purposeful activity that we do to teach our children about their heavenly Father. Each lesson will be broken down into seven parts that will now align with our elementary curriculum, 252 Kids.

First, “PRELUDE,” the segment that sets the tone for the entire experience!
Just like we take time to place each ornament carefully on our Christmas trees and tie the bows on the top of each package, we need to take the time to set the tone for the experience. Your preschoolers’ first impression of their heavenly Father begins the moment they step into your environment. Consider the music playing in your halls, the posters and decorations on your walls, the way your host team gets down to child-level as they enter the room. Check out the Create the Environment document found with the rest of your Prelude documents for ideas on how to decorate your halls, your welcome center, and your stage. Visit the First Look Pinterest page for even more inspiration on how to make your environment both fun and inviting.

Next, “SOCIAL,” the segment that starts the experience with a time for fun interaction!
Preschoolers don’t always want to leave the safety of family to enter the room. That’s why it’s vital that they see their favorite people (their Small Group Leaders) doing something fun and engaging when they get to the door. Not only are the social activities we provide super inviting, they also introduce new concepts that preschoolers will hear in the Bible story. By introducing concepts they may have never experienced before the Bible story, preschoolers are more likely to understand the story and its application.

Next, we have our newest addition, “TRANSITIONS,” the segment that moves our children smoothly from one activity or place to another.
Preschoolers need help when transitioning from one activity to the next to set them at ease and help them learn best. That is why First Look provides transitional phrases, songs, and activities to help you move your preschoolers from Social to Worship; Worship to Story; and Story to Groups. Use the same transitions each week to cue children it’s time to shift their attention.


Then, we move on to the “WORSHIP” segment, a time for people to respond to God.
Preschoolers enter into Large Group via Worship to engage and involve preschoolers right away. Preschoolers worship with their whole body, so be sure to do each month’s provided movements with them. Encourage Small Group Leaders to dance and sing along with their smaller friends as preschoolers learn by watching what those around them do.

Our next segment is “STORY,” communicating God’s truth is engaging ways.
The Story segment brings the Bible story to life for preschoolers. In our Stage Script, a Host and a Storyteller engage kids and leaders in a dynamic telling of the Bible story.

If you’re just starting out with First Look, you may not have time, resources, or volunteers to pull off a live Large Group experience every week. That’s okay! We’ve got you covered with videos that take care of everything for your kids to have a great Large Group experience.

In addition, we provide a Rug Script for those who want to tell the Bible story in a small section of their classroom using just one person and fewer props.


Next, we move on to our super important segment, “GROUPS,” creating a safe place to connect.
This is the part of the small group where kids review the Bible story, memory verse, and bottom line by participating in fun activities that not only help them to apply the story to their lives, but also help them practice faith skills to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus.

These activities are written with preschoolers in mind and highlight every learning style while reinforcing what was learned in Story time. Leaders are given all they need to create an incredible experience for their children including the words to say to keep them engaged and focused.
Finally, we conclude with “HOME,” the segment prompting action beyond the experience.
We all know that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. First Look provides multiple versions of our Parent Cue for all ages as well as the Parent Cue app available for both Apple and Android that you can encourage parents to download for their convenience.

Don’t forget the Social Media plan that helps you cue parents each week as well as the supplemental placemats that you can purchase to send home monthly.


Now that you have an idea what the First Look curriculum will now look like, don’t forget that you are not alone! You have your very own, Orange Specialist to support you and help you along the way! Go to to find out who your wonderful specialist is, and reach out to them so you can reap the extensive benefits of being part of the Orange family!

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