Don’t Put Away All The Christmas Decorations Yet!

Are you in the middle of cleaning up Christmas? It’s a time-consuming task for sure. But, before you put away all the Christmas decorations, make sure to keep out some of the Christmas cards you received. You know, the ones with the beautiful (or cute) Christmas scenes on the front. Those. Make sure you save those.

Then, while you’re watching your favorite team in the playoffs this weekend or Alabama win another championship (Roll Tide), you can do a little prep work that will make you smile with holiday cheer next December.

Use your Christmas cards that were about to go in the trash to make some fun puzzles for your preschoolers to use next Christmas. It’s so easy to do, and I bet you have whatever you need in your supply closet.

Just grab some ModPodge(R), sponge brush, tape, craft sticks, and a sharp blade. Oh, and of course you’ll need your cards.

Christmas Puzzles 01

Then, line up your craft sticks and run two lines of tape to hold them in place.

Christmas Puzzles 02

Flip it over and spread ModPodge on the front where you want your card to go.

Christmas Puzzles 03

Place your card on top of the ModPodge.

Christmas Puzzles 04

Add a layer of ModPodge on top to make sure the card is secure.

Christmas Puzzles 05

Allow the project to dry and then remove the tape. Use a sharp blade to cut the craft sticks apart.

Christmas Puzzles 06

There you have it! A fun puzzle for next December!

Christmas Puzzles 07

Store each puzzle in it’s own baggie and be sure to mark it well in the storage closet.

You might even want to put a reminder on your calendar for December 1st so you don’t forget that you made these this year.


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