Community Matters

Recently I spent several days at a quilting retreat with some friends. It was so much fun, and as I looked back over the retreat, several thoughts came to mind.

Why was sewing with a group more fun than sewing alone? We each had our own machines. We could just as easily complete our tasks in our own homes in our own sewing areas. Why did we see this need to come together for several days?

The more I thought about it, the more I realized it wasn’t about the sewing—it was about community.

As each of us worked on our quilts, we chatted about the latest news, movies, our favorite quilt shop, pattern books, and so on. Sometimes we just sat sewing quietly with only the whirring of the machines breaking the silence. However, we could rest assured that our bond of friendship was secure just by being present.

Sharing a common interest brought us together, but the community kept us together.

Every week, we have folks come to our churches searching for community. Hearing what God has to say to each of us individually draws us in, just as each quilter chooses her own pattern and fabric. However, the community keeps us coming back just as the friendships of my little sewing group keep us coming back together.

Everyone longs to be a part—even little children. As they come into our classrooms, they long to feel a part of the group. They want to experience that same community that I experienced at my retreat.

Conversation, commiseration, friendship, and acceptance are imperative if we want each child to feel accepted and loved.

Each week, let’s look for opportunities to foster community in our rooms. Ask questions to learn those things that we have in common. Listen carefully to the thoughts and dreams of little ones. Every week we have the unique opportunity to help our little one’s experience community. Don’t let those opportunities pass by!

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