Setting the Stage – Sweet Shop (February 2018)

Jesus loves everyone is the sweetest news we will ever share with our preschoolers and since sweets are a HUGE part of this month with all of the heart shaped cookies and candy hearts we decided the perfect theme for this month would be SWEET SHOP!!

So get your sweet tooth – and your heart – ready for a super sweet month filled with the good news that JESUS LOVES EVERYONE? It’s going to be one, huge, sugar overload, not because of candy but because Jesus’ love is just that big and sweet!

What preschooler (or adult) doesn’t love a sweet shop? Think cupcakes and candy and sprinkles and lollipops and … well, you get the idea. Fill you halls with images of all things sugary and sweet. Be sure to check out our environment art for great ideas.

Use a fun, cupcake (or similar) tablecloth for our Welcome Center this month. And, why not have your pens sitting in a jar of fun jelly beans?

Visit the Febraury 2018 Sweet Shop board on Pinterest for more ideas on decorating your environments!

Be sure to have a table with jars of sweet treats on this month’s stage. It will be a great decoration, and you can use it for the intro sketch. Your host can wear a fun, candy-themed apron this month.

The fonts used in First Look curriculum are: Avenir and Archer Pro
The font used in this month’s theme is: Frankfurter Plain

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