Volunteer Pre-Service Pep Talk for May 13

Sunday mornings are like game day for children’s ministry. Just like any good coach, gather your team of volunteers for a pre-game pep talk. Answer any questions about the curriculum and ask for prayer requests. Then read the following devotion to kick the morning off:

Think back on a lie you’ve told in the past. Did that lie hurt you? For sure. Did it hurt others? Probably. One of the BIG reasons why honesty is so important is because it not only protects us but it protects others. Your students need to understand now, as they’re just forming the closest friendships, that honesty goes a LONG way toward protecting those relationships. Sometimes those lies that seem harmless end up hurting others. David certainly learned that lesson. Pray that God will give you the words to share this important truth this week: when you’re not truthful, you hurt others

Lead your team in prayer and have a great Sunday!
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