Volunteer Pre-Service Pep Talk for August 12

Sunday mornings are like game day for children’s ministry. Just like any good coach, gather your team of volunteers for a pre-game pep talk. Answer any questions about the curriculum and ask for prayer requests. Then read the following devotion to kick the morning off:

Today we take a look at a principle from Proverbs that is such a BIG truth for the kids in your group. Wise people pay attention. And when they see trouble ahead, they go to a safe a place. They stop and turn around. They walk away from the conversation or say “no” to the option they know is unwise. We need to help our kids see that sometimes, simply going with the flow or following the crowd can lead to a world of hurt. Let’s encourage our kids to pay attention, stop and think about what’s wise and then have the courage to follow through. [Bottom Line] If you want to be wise, look before you leap. 

Lead your team in prayer and have a great Sunday!
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