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Three Es to Keep Your Team Motivated

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The Bible has lots to say about our faith with being equated to a race. It says we must run it. We’re told to run to win and forget what...

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First Impressions

Posted by in The reThink Tank | 1 comment

It’s amazing how strong a first impression can be. Stop and recall some of your best first-time experiences as a kid. Teachers, sports...

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Creating Great Stage Sets

Posted by in 252 Secrets | 3 comments

Janice Hunter, Director of Children’s Ministries at Hope Missionary Church in Indianapolis, sent us these great pic of some of their...

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The Crossing Church

Posted by in Group Environments | 0 comments

Recently, one of our Orange Specialists, Misty, took a trip to The Crossing Church in Quincy, Illinois. Check out the photos she’s...

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Generosity Just Keeps Giving

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I have had the most fun when I’ve been given the opportunity to be generous. I used to tell my kids that being generous to others is...

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