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3 Tips for Organizing Small Groups

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Do you have small group leaders who wouldn’t dream of missing time with their kids on Sunday? Seeing those kinds of invested...

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Leaking Vision

Posted by in Big Ideas, The reThink Tank | 4 comments

I’m a Texas girl….and Texas is known for its hot summers. Many of us love being outside but unless you have a cooling mister, you are not...

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Four Ways to Use Christmas Music for Worship

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Just at that point when you feel kids are moving beyond learning your praise and worship songs to really engaging in worship, it’s...

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Networking 101

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Networking. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Never before have we had such accessibility to virtually connecting with someone. While digital...

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Sharing HOPE in Texas

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There is power in a shared message. When the President speaks, we are all heightened to the state of our great Nation. When America crowns...

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