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3 Tips for Organizing Small Groups

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Do you have small group leaders who wouldn’t dream of missing time with their kids on Sunday? Seeing those kinds of invested relationships doesn’t just happen by slapping a new label on an old volunteer role or even by starting a well intentioned huddle on Sundays. You need a strategy for creating intentional small groups with a consistent leader and the same peers each week to have maximum impact.   Our task is to provide a safe space where kids can find their “tribe.” The friends our kids spend time with will ultimately influence their decisions in life. Without a solid plan, our ministry hour can run the risk of feeling like slightly organized chaos rather than intentional small group ministry. Here are three tips to help maximize the structure of your groups so that relationships can take root....

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Leaking Vision

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I’m a Texas girl….and Texas is known for its hot summers. Many of us love being outside but unless you have a cooling mister, you are not going to last very long. In fact, with a mister cooling you off, you can stay pretty refreshed in 100 degree heat. Given enough time, that mister actually creates a good amount of water falling on you. It’s not a soak, mind you, but you might just need to towel off a little before heading inside if you are enjoying that mist for a long period of time outside. Stick with me for a second. I’m not just dreaming about summertime. Every year, we have thousands of leaders who converge on Atlanta for our Orange Conference. I can always spot those who have arrived for the very first time. Their eyes are...

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Four Ways to Use Christmas Music for Worship

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Just at that point when you feel kids are moving beyond learning your praise and worship songs to really engaging in worship, it’s Christmas. Time for new songs, AGAIN.   I’ve had my fair share of awkward Christmas music seasons in ministry. I’m not going to lie, the first year I directed our children’s worship experience, I was very glad when it was over. Back then, the selection of Christmas music was limited, the kids didn’t know the songs and I had WAY too many songs on the playlist! (Let’s just say I was over zealous with my expectations of how the kids would love the music as much as I did.)   Maybe you play Christmas music as soon as Hobby Lobby puts out the décor, (which would be June, by the way). The reality is families don’t...

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Networking 101

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Networking. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Never before have we had such accessibility to virtually connecting with someone. While digital media has improved our efficiency to connect with the masses, it cannot replace the power of a face-to-face encounter. Most of the leaders I work with in children’s ministry are working so fast and furious making Sunday happen every week, that there is very little time to network. That’s one of the reasons why I encourage leaders to carve out time to attend The Orange Conference. It’s not just an opportunity to drink from a fire-hose of knowledge; it’s the perfect place to connect. I value these gatherings as an opportunity to be fully present and engage with people around me. Not sure what to say to strangers? With a few strategic questions, you will quickly move beyond superficial pleasantries to...

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Sharing HOPE in Texas

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There is power in a shared message. When the President speaks, we are all heightened to the state of our great Nation. When America crowns its newest “idol,” millions tune in to watch the victor sing through tears of joy. This summer, we will all rally as the Olympians pursue Gold in London. Shared experiences and messages bring us together in such a unique way to celebrate, to encourage and bring hope to one another. You may not entirely realize it but if you use 252 Basics, your lessons echo throughout every state in some of the most unique ways imaginable. Not only are the children of your ministry learning phenomenal truths, so are other children, parents and volunteers from all over the world. They all are impacted by the very same lessons each and every week. Thousands of...

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