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Wanna be in a music video?

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We have a music video every month that goes with that month’s song. These music videos are all different. They might incorporate fun dances or a story that help takes the song to the next level. During our creative meeting a couple months ago we decided we wanted to use some of YOUR KIDS in our upcoming music video for INDIVIDUALITY. If you have or know a kid that would like to enter a submission for the video then please read the details below! Feel free to let any of your K – 8th grade kids know about the chance to be in a music video. Either way, look out for our new music videos every month! They can be found on SUBMISSIONS  First, email to let us know you are interested in participating. We’ll send you...

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The Making of “Turn It Up”

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Our New CD called “Turn It Up” is coming out at Orange Conference 2012! We have been working fast and hard to make sure we can also release our Dance DVD to go along with the CD at OC.  I wanted to share some fun images with you from our video shoots for the DVD. Our first set was a city skyline with some fun props like the barrels below I graffiti’d (I know that’s not a word but I like it). They were really fun to make, and ever since I posted a picture to Instagram people are offering to buy them! They are pretty awesome props for a kid’s environment. Just an idea for you kidmin people that like to decorate! Here’s a quick preview of the process for the set.   This is a picture I...

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