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Christmas Gifts for Your Volunteers, plus free Gift Tag Printable

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Happy Holidays!!   Too soon?? No way! In a few days, here in the states, we’ll be giving thanks while stuffing our faces with turkey and Grandma’s pumpkin pie. Four short weeks after that….it’s Christmas Eve! It happens every year and every year it seems to sneak up on us all.   As we enter this season of joy, hope, goodness, and let’s be honest, maybe a little stress, we want to give you some ideas to bring a little Christmas cheer to the volunteers in your ministry. A wise philosopher once said, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.” Easy enough, right? Well, for those of you that may not have been blessed with the ability to carry a tune, your volunteers may appreciate a few of these other ideas.  ...

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Each Parent’s Next Step

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You’re an Orange leader. You want to combine the church’s influence with the parents’ influence to fuel faith in the next generation. You partner with parents…or at least that’s the goal, right?   If you’re anything like me when I was a children’s ministry director, I thought about this a lot. How do we partner with parents? How do we equip parents to have spiritual conversations at home? If you are not asking this question often, you should be.   What I want to encourage you to think about is that partnering with parents isn’t going to look the same for all parents. If your church is like mine, there are families all over the spiritual spectrum. Some of your parents can name all of the major and minor prophets in order AND in reverse…Malachi, Zechariah, Haggai…   Other...

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Three Tips for Staying Energized in Ministry

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What fuels you? It’s a question that everyone would probably benefit from asking on a regular basis. What are the things in your life that give you energy, that keep you motivated to accomplish all that is on your plate? Ministry is hard. (Can I get an “Amen!”??) It’s even harder when you feel like you are in a rut and doing the same ‘ole things over and over again, week after week. It’s important to find what fuels you so that you stay fresh and relevant. Fuel is going to look different for everyone, but here are a few ideas to get you thinking:   Find community! This would include community inside AND outside of ministry world. Inside ministry world, it’s important to connect with other KidMin folks to share ideas with and learn from. Outside ministry world,...

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252 Around the World

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Did you know that there are over 40 countries around the world that have one or more ministries using Orange curriculum? Amazing! There’s an international church in Botswana using 252 Basics. We have a partner church in Germany using First Look, 252 Basics, and XP3. Churches in Australia, Hong Kong, Scotland, India, Nigeria, and Qatar are all using Orange curriculum. You don’t like your shipping cost for Feature Presentation? Try paying for it to be shipped to Qatar! Orange is in Tanzania, Romania, Guatemala, Egypt, New Zealand and South Africa. These are just a few! Can you imagine having to translate the curriculum into a different language every month? We have quite a few churches that do! We have a partner church in Ukraine that translates both First Look and 252 Basics into Russian. There is a church in...

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Big Ideas to Set Yourself Up for Success

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These days everyone has way too much on their “To-do” list. This is especially true in ministry. Most of us wear many different hats: Children’s Director, Preschool Director, VBS coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Graphic Designer, Volunteer Coordinator, Counselor. That is not including all the personal hats we wear: mom, husband, student, cook, chauffer, maid, little league coach, PTA president, dog-walker…the list goes on! How in the world do you implement 252 Basics well and successfully? Well, YOU don’t. Implementing 252 Basics has to be a team effort. As a leader, you have got to become great at enabling others. As a children’s director, I always used to ask myself, “What job am I doing that I can give away?” It is easy to think that all you need are small group leaders. We always need more small group leaders! While...

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