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Chuck vs. The New Year’s Resolution

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I recently finished watching all five seasons of the NBC television series, Chuck on DVD.  If you are unfamiliar, the show centers around an everyman/geek employee of an electronics store who becomes a super spy when a database of government secrets get implanted into his brain.  I typically avoid fanaticism (unless we’re talking about ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, but this blog isn’t long enough for me to expound on his comedic genius right now), and yet I found myself rapidly succumbing to Chuck’s serio-comic tone and I related almost instantly with the title character, being an everyman/geek myself. So I did what raving fans do.  I pored over the DVDs, watched all the behind the scenes footage, searched to find out where the actors could be seen next, and I began following the star of the show, Zachary Levi,...

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The Hows and Whys of Feature Presentation

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The Large Group curriculum for 252 Basics uses props and costumes, live Storytellers, games, illustrations, sound effects, and video clips all in an effort to make the stories and principles from the Bible come to life for kids in kindergartner through fifth grade. We think it’s an excellent way to engage kids and help them remember God’s Word. But some churches lack the resources or staff to pull it off week after week with excellence. That’s why we offer Feature Presentation. Feature Presentation is a DVD, which has two video versions of the same Bible story or principle being taught in the live Large Group curriculum. There’s 252 Story, which is a very clear, very simple and direct version of the lesson told by a single Storyteller. And there’s 252 Movie, a fully dramatized, contemporary and often humorous retelling...

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252 Interview of Mickey and ‘The Brick’

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Recently, we had the exciting opportunity to sit down with sportscaster, Mickey Hutch, and local wrestling legend, Harvey “The Brick” Brkowski, to talk about their contributions to 252 Movie. 252 – Mickey, thank you for being here. Mickey – My pleasure. 252 – And, uh, do I call you Harvey or Mr. Brkowski or what? The Brick – Mr. The Brick is fine. Mickey – Allow me to do the honors. (Clears throat) Goooood afternoon, sports fans! I’m Mickey Hutch and joining me as always is retired pro wrestling champion and the inventor of the Pimble, Harvey “The BRICK” Brkowski! The Brick – Now we’re talking. 252 – Um, I’m sorry. The Pimble? The Brick – That’s right. It’s like a thimble. Except for your pinkie. We’re still waiting on the patent. 252 – Good luck with that. The...

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A Diary of Camp KidJam 2012

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Last week, I returned home from Camp KidJam, our travelling Summer Camp for rising fourth through sixth graders. It’s exhausting going from state to state, college campus to college campus surrounded by hundreds of very enthusiastic children. Here’s a quick camp diary that will give you a glimpse of what my seven weeks at camp was like.   Week 1 – Florida – Southeastern University First camp. We have no idea what we’re doing. Week 2 – South Carolina – Lander University Somehow pulled off the first camp. Second camp will be harder, because all of the costumes were thrown away by mistake. Must label garbage bags ‘Dirty Laundry’ from now on.   Week 3 – Indiana – Indiana-Wesleyan University Starting to get the hang of things. Looking forward to Ivanhoe’s. 100 flavors of milkshakes + 100 flavors of sundaes....

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252 Interview with Captain Anxiety

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Our 252 Movie subscribers are no doubt familiar with the antics of self-proclaimed superhero, Captain Anxiety. We had a moment to sit down with him to discuss his many adventures. 252: Captain Anxiety, you’ll forgive me if I’m a bit nervous. I’ve never been around an actual superhero before. Captain Anxiety: I understand completely. I myself have been known to tremble with fear at my own reflection. 252: Can you tell us who you’ve brought with you today? Captain Anxiety: Certainly. This unassuming creature beside me is none other than my sidekick, Sidekick Mark. Mark: Just Mark is fine. Captain Anxiety: Sidekick Mark, please! You mustn’t give away your secret identity! 252: Captain Anxiety, for our readers who aren’t familiar with you— Captain Anxiety: Not familiar? Impossible! 252: Right, well, in the unlikely event that one of our readers...

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