252 2018-2019 Scope and Cycle

The 252Kids and Preteen Creative Teams are excited to reveal our 2018-2019 Scope and Cycle.

For those who might be unfamiliar with this document, let me break it down for you.

The first page of the scope and cycle include the foundational material behind each lesson of Orange Curriculum including the 9 Core Insights that connect the four curriculum age groups together. These insights are based on what Jesus says in the Greatest Commandment: Love God, Love Others, Love Life.

The second page shows how the themes for the year connect to those core insights which are featured throughout each month.

Pages three through six include the Bible Stories, Memory Verses, Bottom Lines or Key Questions, and Life App for each month. Each theme also includes a series description that explains how each month is a reflection or a response to the character of God as seen through Jesus and Scripture.

Page seven lays out which Life App families will cover each month. These are how the Bible stories connect to the everyday world of kids.

The final page includes the theme art and which quarter kids will experience them.

We hope these documents are helpful as you cast vision to your church for what your families will experience throughout the next school year. We’re excited to hear how your kids grow in their relationship with Jesus through what they learn.





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