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February Editor’s Notes

February Editor’s Notes

Every morning on the way to work, I travel a road that seems like a never-ending construction site. Workers have been perfecting this throughway for months, and I don’t see an end in sight. The road is down to one lane in several places. Huge construction vehicles line the sides of each road. Construction workers are everywhere. Driving this road is like driving an obstacle course. Yet I drive it, every morning, because regardless of how difficult, how messy it may seem, the road takes me where I need to go.

When our relationships are broken, how can we build a bridge to others? This month, we’ll take a look at how a few people in the Bible chose Peace, which is proving you care more about each other than winning an argument. We’ll learn how we can Play It Cool in our own relationships.

The monthly memory verse is: So let us do all we can to live in peace and let us work hard to build each other up, Romans 14:19, NIrV. That is exactly what God did for us when He sent Jesus to make peace with us. Peace cost Him something great, but out of His love for us, He gave His all.

In Week One’s Bible story, Isaac dug wells in his new land (Genesis 26:16-22, 26-31). When his new neighbors argued with him, he had every right to stay and fight but chose to walk away. Our Bottom Line is: Prove you care about others by walking away from a fight. Often, it takes a stronger person to have the self-control to walk away.

In Week Two’s Bible story, Jacob stole Esau’s birthright (Genesis 27, 31-33) taking his inheritance and his place in the family. It wasn’t fair that Jacob took everything from Esau, but Esau eventually let go of his anger and forgave his brother. Our Bottom Line is: Prove you care about others by letting go of “what’s fair.” Preserving the relationship is more important.

In Week Three’s Bible story, Abigail intervenes (1 Samuel 25:1-35) when her husband picks a fight with David. Abigail quickly presented gifts to David to promote peace between the two men. Our Bottom Line is: Prove you care about others by being part of the solution. Creating peace sometimes means stopping an argument before it gets worse.

In Week Four, our Bible teaching helps us understand the principle of peace (Colossians 1:20; 3:15). It tells us that peace originated with God’s love for us and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for us. This week, our Bottom Line is: God proved He cared for us, so we can prove we care for others. Because Christ made peace between God and us, we should strive to let peace rule in our own hearts and lives.

Even though it may take time, getting messy is worth the effort. Over the months of construction, the workers have made some progress, and the new stretches of road are smooth and easy to drive. Someday, this road will be the smoothest part of my morning commute. When we chose peace, the relationships that are broken right now may turn out as some of your best friends ever.

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